4 Tips for Integrating a Porta Potty Into Your Wedding

If you are thinking about renting a porta potty for your wedding, you will want to integrate the porta potty into your wedding setting. You are not going to want the portable toilet rental to stand out. You are going to want to have it blending.

Tip #1: Go for a Portable Restroom

First, you are going to want to rent a portable restroom, not just a porta potty. A portable bathroom will look more like a trailer and will not look like a blue portable restroom. The look of a mobile restroom trailer looks classier than a regular porta potty.

A portable restroom looks more like a regular restroom. It has regular floors, stalls, toilets, and even sinks with running water. It feels more like a regular restroom and will blend in more with the environment.

Tip #2: Add Restroom Baskets

Second, you can add restroom baskets to the bathroom. You can add baskets that include things such as lotions and perfumes. You can also add things that people may need to fix up their outfits, such as hair spray, safety pins, lint roller, and band-aids. These baskets will allow people to freshen up and fix their outfits when they go to the bathroom. 

Restroom baskets are really nice and can make the bathroom more functional and easier to use.

Tip #3: Choose the Location Wisely

Third, you are going to want to choose the location where your portable restroom goes wisely. You will want it to be easy for people to find and easy for people to use. You also don't want the bathroom to stand out and detract from the wedding. Work with the wedding venue to find out where the restroom should go. 

Tip #4: Decorate the Restroom

Fourth, you are going to want to decorate the restroom. You can decorate the bathroom using a theme that matches your wedding. For example, you can wrap the handles with ribbons that match with your wedding colors on the ramp going up to the restrooms. You can hang up flower bunches in your bathroom. You can hang up stylized monograms on the doors and interior walls. You can add string lights to the restrooms. All of these decorations are temporary but will help to enhance the feeling of your restroom.

When it comes to renting a portable restroom for your wedding, you will want to rent a mobile restroom trailer. A portable restroom trailer will enhance the class of your wedding. Pick an accessible location for your portable restroom and decorate with the same wedding decorations you plan to use throughout your venue.