The Water Well Installation Process When You Need A Well For Your New Country Home

Installing a water well might be an essential step when you build a home in the country and city water is not available. While you have to pay for the initial installation and maintenance, you won't have to pay for water that comes from your well. Here's are a few things to expect with the process of water well installation.

The Well Contractor Chooses The Best Place To Drill

Finding a good place to put your well requires studying the geography of your land to find a place where the contractor is likely to have good luck hitting water. The contractor has to drill down to bedrock. Sometimes, your contractor can find water several feet under the ground and other times, they need to drill down hundreds of feet. It all depends on the type of soil and rock on your property.

In addition, the contractor needs to choose a place for your well that's a safe distance from your home, septic system, and property line. The contractor may have good luck finding water on the first drilling attempt, but sometimes the contractor might need to give up and try a new location.

You'll Need To Clear The Area

The contractor needs to bring heavy equipment onto your property to dig a well. You'll need to clear the land where drilling will take place, and you'll also need to clear an access path so the truck and drilling equipment can get to the location. You may need to call the electric company to take down wires or a tree company to remove a tree. The well contractor will discuss how to prepare your property for well drilling if there is anything you need to do.

The Pump Is Put In So The Water Can Be Tested

Your contractor may put in a submersible pump, especially if you have a deep well. Once the well casing is in place, the pump is sunk in the well so water can be brought up for testing. It's important to test the water before you drink it just to make sure it doesn't contain anything harmful. Once the water is checked out, you can hook up your home's plumbing and start using your water.

A water well often lasts for many years, but you'll need to perform maintenance and test the water regularly. This ensures your well stays safe and your family won't be exposed to harmful contaminants from polluted groundwater. The water well installation process may seem overwhelming the first time you have to do it, but it should be many years before you need to repeat the process, and you'll have your own supply of water you can depend on without having to rely on municipal water. 

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