Septic Tank Pumping: 3 Reasons Why Your Septic Tank Backs Up

A septic tank that's backing up is a terrible experience. The situation is not only off-putting but also unhygienic. Typically, septic backup means that the waste flows back into the house through the sewer lines. That is against the natural flow, which takes the waste away from the bathroom and into the sewer. Read on to learn a few reasons why your tank might experience a backup and some tips to handle the situation. 

When the Tank Is Too Full

A healthy tank should do its work independently. When the waste gets inside a well-functioning tank, it separates into solid and liquid. The liquid gets filtered and disposed of through the drain field. Additionally, bacteria will decompose biological waste to reduce the solid matter.

But if the filters have clogs, the liquid will fill the tank and start backing up into your house. Similarly, the solid will decompose too slowly if the bacteria are not sufficient, and it may cause a backup problem. As such, it is prudent to check the sludge level in your tank routinely. Also, hire a septic tank maintenance expert from time to time to pump the sewer system. 

When You Have Sewer Line Blocks

It is crucial to be mindful of the damages that tree roots can create inside the sewer system. When a tree root breaks into the drainage pipes, it will cause a blockage. Eventually, the waste from your bathrooms and kitchen will start backing up into the house. 

Therefore, you should keep an eye on any trees growing close to the septic tank. If their root penetrates too deep into the ground, it is best to remove them in order to avoid damage to the sewer line. 

Excessive Use of Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

The chemicals that you pour down the drain profoundly affect your septic tank. For instance, some may kill the bacteria that help the decomposition of organic waste. When bacteria reduce, the rate at which the organic matter decomposes decreases, prompting the backing up of waste.

The solution to bacteria decimation is introducing fresh ones into the system. It is also good practice to check the number of bacteria in your tank regularly through the help of a septic tank expert. 

The best way to prevent backup is by regular and proper maintenance of your septic system. Furthermore, it is vital to take prompt action when you notice the backing up of the sewage. Your septic tank repair expert will pump the system to remedy the situation.

For more information on septic tank pumping, contact a company near you.