Proper Maintenance of Your Septic System

If you have a septic system in place upon your property, you likely enjoy being able to remove wastewater from within your household quickly and effectively. If you do not take the time to perform maintenance steps to keep your septic running properly, you could acquire a clog or water overflow situation. Here are tips to help you avoid these scenarios.

Avoid Flushing Down Unbiodegradable Items

When you utilize the sinks and toilets in your home, refrain from flushing away anything other than toilet paper and human waste. Allowing for unbiodegradable products such as sanitary napkins or chemical agents will cause havoc within your septic tank. These items could easily cause the septic pump to fail, leading to an overflow of water upon your property as a result. Chemicals could alter the wastewater inside of the tank, making it thicker and harder to pump toward your wastewater collection site. This could also cause the piping system to burst.

Fix Any Plumbing Problems Right Away

If you have fixtures in your home that do not turn off all the way, water will constantly be directed to your septic tank. This will cause you to need more frequent cleanouts, leading to more money spent to keep the tank maintained. Check that toilet tanks are working properly and make sure plumbing fixtures are turned off completely after you use them.

Check Your Septic Tank Regularly

Get to know what the inside of your septic tank looks like. Taking the lid off of the tank and looking inside allows you to familiarize yourself with a properly running system. Listen to the sound that the pump emits so you are aware of a problem with it mechanically. If you have a septic tank alarm in your home, check it for alerts so you know when it is time to contact a septic service to pump out excessive waste.

Consider an Evaluation Each Year

To ensure your septic system runs as it should, it is best to call a septic service to take a look at your tank, piping system, and collection area every year. During an inspection, your tank is pumped out completely so the interior of the tank can be checked for cracks. The service will also assess the condition of the septic pump and will recommend a replacement if it appears to be deteriorating due to regular use. An evaluation can save you money as problems are found early, perhaps helping you to avoid more difficult problems to repair.

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