Cleaning The Drains For Your Home's Plumbing

Drain care and maintenance can be a part of homeownership that is often neglected. As a result, individuals can be at a significantly higher risk of experiencing major plumbing problems. While it is possible to effectively mitigate these issues, it will require a homeowner to develop an understanding of the needs that their home's plumbing and drains will need to be met.

The Kitchen Drain Should Be Thoroughly Rinsed After Cleaning Dishes

Whenever you wash the dishes, the kitchen drains should be thoroughly rinsed. This can help reduce the ability of grease and other substances to solidify in the drain line. Despite your efforts to reduce the grease entering the drain, there will be small amounts of grease that may make it into the drains, and this can lead to accumulations over the course of time. Unfortunately, some people may assume that this is not necessary for those that are using dishwashers for this work. Yet, the water from this appliance is likely to also go down the kitchen sink drain, which could lead to these accumulations forming.

Hard Water Can Increase The Risk Of Drain Obstructions Developing

Hard water can be a factor that can greatly increase your risk of experiencing major drain problems. Hard water can leave mineral deposits behind, and this can severely restrict the flow of water through the drain. In order to combat this, you can install a softening system that can remove the minerals from the water so that deposits are less likely to form in drain lines. Additionally, if your home is currently experiencing drain problems as a result of this issue, a drain cleaning service will be able to break up and dissolve these accumulations to restore the functionality of the drain.

Drain Augers Are Effective For Removing Hair Clogs In The Drains

Hair clogs are a common issue for bathroom drains. When one of these clogs forms, a person may assume that a chemical clog remover will be their best option for eliminating the problem. However, these solutions may not be able to fully dissolve the hair clog. Rather, they may simply make a small hole through the clog, which can lead to the problem returning fairly soon. Additionally, this can contribute to substantial wear to the pipes as these chemicals can be extremely harsh. A drain auger can be a more effective solution for removing hair clogs as these devices can allow you to physically pull the hair clog out of the drain without causing damage or wear to the pipes.