What To Do When You Need To Provide Restrooms In An Area That Does Not Have Running Water Or Sewer

You may need to have restrooms available in an area that does not have the resources to support a standard bathroom. Jobsites, remote locations, or even large outdoor events may benefit from a porta potty that offers the basics in situations that only require a temporary solution. 

Portable Toilet Rentals

In most cases, if you need a porta potty or portable toilet, renting one from a company that will set up and provides maintenance of the unit for you makes the most sense. You can choose from different models, some with small sinks in them or that are accessible for people with disabilities if needed. 

Once you select the model you will use for your situation, the rental company will deliver and place the porta potty for you. If you have a specific location that you would like it placed, let the driver know when they arrive so they can make sure it will work where you need it and position it to meet those needs. 

Once the porta potty is set in place and filled with water and chemicals, it is challenging to move, so it is essential to get it appropriately positioned before filling it. If you decide to move it later, the rental company will need to come and pump the toilet out, move it, and then refill it with new water and chemicals when they are done.

Short or Long-Term Rentals

Most companies providing porta potty rentals offer short and long-term rental options that allow you to have a unit for a weekend event or on a job site for several months. Talk to the rental service about your needs as early as possible so they can ensure they have the unit you need available and set up a time to deliver it to your location. 

If you are renting multiple toilets for an event, it will require some planning from the rental company to ensure they have the resources to provide what you need. The more lead time they have, the more likely they will be to get everything you need on time for your event. 

If you need a long-term porta potty rental, you will also need to set up a cleaning and maintenance schedule with the rental company. Most companies service the toilets once a week, but if you need it done more often, you can set that up at the time of the rental. 

You may also have the option to call and request a cleaning if the toilet fills up faster one week than it usually would or if something happens that requires some extra care. Talk to the rental company about what is included and if there are fees for an emergency cleaning so you are clear before calling for one.