Top 3 Things That May Affect Your Septic Tank's Effectiveness

If you reside in a region far from the city's treatment plant, a septic tank could be your only option to treat your wastewater. In such a case, it is essential that you take precautionary measures to keep it working optimally. To start with, this means that all household members should know what items not to dispose of by flushing. Taking such seemingly simple steps helps prevent you from coming up against septic tank issues down the road. Find out more about the factors that can affect your septic tank's effective performance in this guide.

The Amount of Solid Waste Coming From Your Home

When it's working optimally, your septic tank should handle waste effectively, whether solid or liquid. Generally, the solid waste remains in the tank, mixes with anaerobic bacteria, and disintegrates, forming sludge. The wastewater then enters the drain field and soaks into the ground. However, without regular maintenance and septic tank pumping, the sludge occupies a lot of space and eventually overflows into the drain field. Accordingly, consider scheduling a regular septic tank pump out, the frequency of which is determined by how much waste is generated in your home. In addition to facilitating proper sanitation, this care also helps safeguard your tank's lifespan.

Weather Conditions

Many homeowners may not be aware of this, but weather conditions can greatly impact your tank's effective operation. For example, heavy rains can saturate the soil in your drain field. Since the surrounding soil in the leach field is responsible for naturally absorbing and filtering wastewater, having saturated soil means that the absorption process will be significantly reduced, compromising the effectiveness of your tank.

The Number of People in Your Home

If your household has grown over time without a corresponding expansion in the size of your septic tank, your tank is forced to handle more wastewater than it is capable of. As a result, it quickly fills up, which may also be exacerbated if you regularly host guests. Therefore, it is prudent to speak to an experienced septic tank pumping contractor whenever your household's capacity increases. These professionals can calculate your home's needs and usage, advising you on the frequency at which to hire septic tank pumping services. By doing this, your tank won't fail sooner than you expect.

It is important to pay attention to the functionality of your septic system rather than waiting until it exhibits a problem. Fortunately, regular professional maintenance can help ensure that the tank serves you effectively for many years. To avoid unexpected failure, take note of the factors highlighted in this guide.

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