3 Signs Your Septic Tank May Need Repairs

With your septic tank buried underground, you will not have the benefit of being able to visually examine the tank in order to determine when repairs are required. However, your inability to visually inspect the tank does not mean that you have to wait until your septic tank fails in order to assess your need for repairs. This is because once you know what to look for, it is quite possible to detect a problem with your septic tank before the tank overflows or fails. In this article, you can learn more about three of the warning signs that you should be looking for when determining if your septic tank is in need of repair.

Sign #1: A Foul Odor 

If your septic tank needs to be pumped or is leaking and in need of repair, you will often find that you are able to detect a rather foul odor when standing in the area where your tank is buried. This odor can also be present in your drain field. While many people detect the odor of sewage, you may also notice a rotten egg smell as a result of sulfur gas leaking out of your septic tank. In some cases, this odor may also be more noticeable after a soaking rain since the excess groundwater will cause leaking sewage to rise toward the surface of the soil. If you detect this type of odor around your home, there is a good chance that you are in need of a septic tank repair. 

Sign #2: Excess Moisture In Your Drain Field

A leaking septic tank will inevitably result in excess wastewater being released into your drain field. This will result in high groundwater levels. There are a few ways in which you can tell if the water levels in your drain field are exceptionally high. First, you may notice that the ground feels moist below your feet when walking through this area of your yard. Second, you may find that rainwater puddles on the surface of the soil since it is not easily absorbed into the soil as a result of the soil already being saturated. Finally, you may notice that the grass in your drain field is greener and fuller than the grass in the rest of your yard. All of these warning signs can point to a leaking septic tank that needs to be repaired. 

Sign #3: Drainage Problems Inside Your Home

If your septic tank is not working properly you will often see evidence of this in your home's drainage system. For instance, if your septic tank is not properly draining waste water, you may find that your drains run much slower since your tank is quickly filling up with waste. You may also experience issues with sewage backing up through the drains in your home. If you are experiencing these types of issues you should have your septic tank inspected right away in order to determine if repairs are required.

To have your tank examined, contact a local residential septic tank repair service.