4 Material to Choose From for Your New Septic Tank

If you need to have a new septic tank installed, you will want to consider your material options carefully. The material you choose will depend upon your budgets and needs and will impact how long the tank will last.


One of the most common types of septic tanks is concrete ones. Concrete is a solid material to use as it can easily last for multiple decades. The downside is that concrete can eventually crack, allowing waste to seep out and allow groundwater inside. Also, when a concrete tank gets backed up, your outflow water will be impacted as well. It is a great, long-lasting solution.


Another option is steel, which is a well-known durable material. Even though it is a long-lasting material, it has a shorter shelf life. Eventually, a steel septic tank will start to rust. When it starts to rust, there is a chance that the ground above the tank can collapse downward and could result in someone or something falling into the structure. With a steel tank, you need to be aware of how long it will last and replace it before it degrades.


Fiberglass tanks have become more prevalent in recent years. They don't rust like steel, and they don't crack like concrete. The one downside to fiberglass is the material is so lightweight that the tank itself can shift around when the soil around it becomes saturated. Due to that fact, it is often a good idea to anchor a fiberglass tank to keep it in place and prevent damage.


Another material for a septic tank is plastic. If you need a tank that isn't going to break the bank, a plastic tank is a good idea. With a plastic tank, you will want to monitor the installation process carefully and ensure the tank isn't damaged as it is being put into place. Like fiberglass, a plastic tank will not rust or crack when in the ground. It does need to be anchored in place because it faces the same floating issues as a fiberglass tank.

When it comes to installing a septic tank, a concrete tank can last for decades but is at risk for cracking. A steel tank is strong but eventually will rust. Fiberglass and plastic are both affordable options, but they need to be anchored down in place. The best material depends upon your budget, and how long you want it to last. Talk to a local septic tank installation company about the best option for your home.