What You Must Know About Septic Tank Cleaning

The septic tank on your property holds all the household waste. As such, it must be cleaned and serviced often to prevent it from breaking down. Unfortunately, most people rarely take care of their septic tanks. And that's a good indicator that people know very little about septic cleaning.

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Is DIY Septic Tank Cleaning Possible? 

Septic tank cleaning is a laborious process that you'd want to get involved in. Besides, would you like to come into contact with all the waste your household produces? If not, you should leave the septic tank cleaning task to the professionals.

While it's possible to clean the tank yourself, there is a high likelihood you won't do it properly. You might damage the tank or leave some waste in the tank. Professionals know how to clean septic tanks thoroughly. Besides, they have the necessary tools required to pump the tank properly.

How Often Should the Tank Be Cleaned?

Well, there is no specific answer since septic tanks vary in size. Besides, the number of people living on your property also matters. However, you shouldn't wait for the septic tank to fill and spill its content in your backyard. You should schedule a septic cleaning service after every three years. You can also ask your plumber or local septic cleaning company to help you figure out the right time to pump the tank.

What Are the Indicators That Your Tank Is Due for Cleaning?

Your septic system will always give hints when it's due for a cleaning service. Some of these hints include:

Slowed Drainage – If wastewater takes a long time to drain, the drain pipes are clogged, or the septic tank is almost full. So, don't hesitate to invite a septic cleaning service if the water in your sinks, bathtub, and other drain points starts to stagnate.

Sewage Backups – Water backing into your home is common when the septic tank becomes full. The wastewater is just looking for a space to escape. Therefore, it will go back into your bathtub, sinks, and other areas.

Difficulty Flushing – Flushing human waste down the toilet should be easy as long as the septic tank and drain pipes are fine. So, if flushing becomes challenging, you might be dealing with a full septic tank. You might also hear gurgling sounds when you flush the toilet or drain tubs.

Don't delay calling a septic tank cleaning service when you notice these signs.