Five Reasons Why Installing a Septic System in Your New Home is a Smart Choice

Building a new home is an exciting and rewarding experience. You get to choose your own design, layout, insulation, and fixtures, among other things. One of the most critical decisions you'll make when building your new home is choosing the type of sewage system to install. Typically, the two options are septic and sewer. Read on to learn five reasons why adding a septic system to your new home is a smart choice.

Better for the Environment

A septic system is more environmentally friendly than a sewage system. Septic tanks treat wastewater and release it into the ground, where it's eventually filtered through the soil. In contrast, sewage treatment plants discharge treated wastewater directly into nearby rivers, lakes, or oceans. Septic systems offer a more natural method of treating wastewater, which has minimal impact on the environment.


Installing a septic system is less expensive than connecting to a public sewer system. The cost of building new sewage treatment plants and the associated infrastructure, such as pipes and pumping stations, is high, and those costs are often passed on to the homeowner. A septic system is much cheaper to install and maintain. With a septic system, you only have to worry about the cost of pumping the tank every few years.

Increase Property Value

Having a septic system installed in your new home not only adds value to your property but also makes it more attractive to potential buyers. A well-maintained septic system shows that the homeowner has taken good care of their property and is willing to invest in its long-term upkeep. Buyers who are looking for properties in rural areas are more likely to prefer homes with septic systems.

Low Maintenance

Septic systems are very low maintenance. With proper use and regular maintenance, a septic system can last for decades. On the other hand, a sewage system requires regular maintenance and repair work. Sewers are prone to blockages and leaks, which require expensive repairs.


A septic system provides you with a sense of independence. You don't have to rely on the local government for your wastewater treatment needs. With a septic system, you have control over your sewage, and you don't have to worry about the charges and regulations that come with using a public sewage system. You can also use your wastewater for irrigation and other purposes as long as it's appropriately filtered.

If you're building a new home, investing in a septic system is a smart choice for the above reasons. Septic systems help protect the environment, save you money, increase your property value, require minimal maintenance, and give you independence. You can call professional septic system installation services that can complete the job for you efficiently and cost-effectively.

For more info about septic system installation, contact a local company.